The EGO is now fully operational!!

Also, I have just recently caught wind of an awfully keen conspiracy - check out today's strip then read the news items below to find out what I'm talking about...

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Wisdom from the Great Ego

All Systems Go!

That's right, no more excuses. No more promised deadlines with no delivery. I am finally recovering from my latest bout of artist's block to produce the first batch of new strips. The update schedule is going to be rather chaotic, though, as I try to catch up to where I SHOULD be, so keep popping in here often so you don't miss any of the fun...

Oh yeah, and the Gaming Guardians Icon Hunt is still going on. If you haven't checked out what the whole thing is about, then read the next-to-latest news below!

An Awfully Keen Conspiracy...

"Hey, Mike! What's with the character picture under today's comic?"

Good question (for those of you who have asked). The image file is an icon for a character named "Randarch" - one of the guys in another Keenspace comic called Gaming Guardians. Graveyard Greg (the guy that writes that comic's stories) and Web Troll (the artist for Gaming Guardians) are currently holding an Icon Hunt contest, which I have VERY merrily agreed to take part of. The prize is an original piece of Gaming Guardians art, scripted by GG and drawn by Web Troll. Believe me, Gaming Guardians has top-of-the-line quality when it comes to both storylines AND art, so the prize is VERY MUCH worth the effort you, the readers, would take to win it.

For more information on the rules and other stuff of the Icon Hunt contest, go to the Gaming Guardians home page!


Unfortunately, tragedy has struck (and it was such a young webcomic... *sob*)

I had fully intended on having the first week's worth of comics uploaded to my server by now but things are not so. Last Wednesday, I was working on my Ego Kwest materials REAL hard (I swear!), and had stuffed them in my backpack so that a friend and I could cruise around and run some errands that needed to be done (knowing that I would get started on them again while we were out relaxing). After a few hours of running all around town, we stopped back at my place to catch a few Zs before heading out to party for the night.

Not only did we oversleep, but his car (including my backpack in the back seat) was stolen during that time. Everything's been recovered, but the whole thing has set me WAY back in my schedule. I was unable to get the first full strip drawn by yesterday afternoon and therefore lost the availability of a scanner until after I return from Rustycon on the 14th. Sorry guys.

However, on a better note, I did bring my level of household video gaming up to mid-nineties levels by finally breaking down and getting myself a PS-One...

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